simple & practical mental health support for moms

We create personalized mental health programs for moms based on methods clinically proven to work.

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We provide a customized, supportive, guided program that addresses many of the challenges that new and expecting moms face.  

To see the biggest positive change, we ask moms to commit to engaging through our app for 5 minutes a day for four weeks.

“It feels like your safe space. Something that holds you and makes you feel less alone.”

— Jess

"I've been doing it for a few days now and it's already helped me to feel a lot better.”

— Maya

what canopie is designed to do



Recognize and deal with your inner critic

Be heard

Communicate your needs
to get support

Improve relationships

Understand the drivers and improve communication

Manage worries

Shift your focus from worries to solutions

Feel more


Break out of negative cycles and fuel positive ones

Feel in control

Feel more in control of your life and your identity

moms' experiences

70% of mothers feel like their mental health suffered more during the first year of their child's life than at any other point

"I wish I’d gotten help when I first needed it instead of 5 years later. I just wanted my feelings to go away - I didn’t even want to talk to anyone about them. I didn’t want to do therapy - I felt overwhelmed and didn’t want to add an appointment to my life or even figure out where to find a doctor."

common misconceptions

I feel this way because something is wrong with me.

I should be able to meet my/society's standards.

I shouldn't get help because I'm told this is normal.

common thoughts

I should feel different.

I no longer have an identity.

My needs are not important.

There are many reasons that motherhood is uniquely hard on our mental health.

The thoughts and feelings you have are not your fault, and you are not alone in how you feel.

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