our research shows canopie reduces symptoms of depression

results from our proof of concept

Change in mean depression scores (Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale) in treatment, control

Screenshot 2021-06-04 1.27.32 PM.png

(p) .00015, Hedges (g) treatment effect of .68. Average 4.8 pt reduction in depression in the treatment group (> reliable change index of 4), no statistically significant change in control group.

 Change in number of participants with clinical depressive symptoms (i.e. EPDS scores >10)

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62% of participants with depression in the treatment group had a reduction in depressive symptoms to below the clinical threshold for referral. There was no statistically significant change in control group.

qualitative feedback

"I have done CBT in the past to manage anxiety and low self esteem however I did not feel like the techniques / information I was given worked for me. This course was a lot more on my level and relatable."

“It helped me out from my negative thinking for example I am not a good parent when sometimes I can't handle my baby.”

“Social media makes it look like new moms are loving every minute of it and if you are struggling in any way you're broken. It is very isolating. This program not only helped me to realize my struggles and negative thoughts are normal and not my fault.”

“Relieving to listen to - it was like having someone tell you everything's okay and you're doing your best.”