A Letter of Gratitude for a Pregnant Mother

Dear Mama,

I know it can be hard sometimes with me, when I can’t communicate how I’m doing while I’m in your belly and that must make you sometimes worry about me - am I growing OK? Am I feeling OK? Thank you for caring so much about me to worry and for making so much effort to take care of me while I’m inside you.

It must not be easy having to walk around with me in your belly. Or to get a good night’s rest while I’m pushing against your bladder. It can’t be easy feeling so tired all the time or having to think more about what you eat or drink. I appreciate you carrying me around and looking after me.

I know that I’m safe where I am and I love feeling so close to you. Eating what you eat, hearing your heartbeat and your voice, and all the same thing you are hearing.

You are a great mother - the best mother and I love you.

Thank you for taking care of me.


Your Baby