Baby Blues - Meaning & Definition

Around four to five days after you’ve given birth, or maybe even sooner, you may start to feel a little down. You’re still able to function okay, but you may be crying, having trouble sleeping, and just not feeling like yourself. This can feel like a bit of a shock and difficult to manage, given the lack of sleep associated with caring for a new baby.

So why do we get the baby blues?

It’s really not known. Experts believe that the baby blues are the result of hormonal (chemical) changes that occur in your brain around childbirth and postpartum. Sometimes the fluctuations, or changes, in our hormones can make us feel worse as our bodies adjust. But these hormones are linked to symptoms of depression, as are lack of sleep and major life changes.

The Baby Blues are very common - up to 85% of new moms experience these low feelings. These symptoms usually don’t last, so while they may make you feel down and even a little alarmed, try not to put too much stock in them, or feel bad for having them. If they are baby blues, and not postpartum depression, then the clouds will part on their own soon and you can go back to enjoying your new baby.