Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression

If you feel persistently down, or are starting to feel worse after two weeks, or having trouble taking care of yourself for your baby, you may be experiencing postpartum depression.

Baby blues are temporary feelings of sadness or feeling low that tend to start around 4-5 days after childbirth, and lessen within 14 days. You may feel bouts of extreme feelings, but you are generally able to manage okay, and you feel your symptoms improving.

Postpartum depression, on the other hand, typically sets in around two weeks post birth (though it can happen really anytime in the first year in particular) and interrupts your ability to care for yourself or your baby the way you hope to. You may feel the same symptoms that you’d feel during the baby blues, but they are generally more intense, persistent, and don’t lessen over time.

It’s important to try not to focus as much on the diagnosis, but rather what you feel you need, and focus on healthy behaviors that will improve your mental health. In the Canopie app, we provide you with techniques that have made many moms feel less anxious and less down. You can try these on your own, or as a supplement to another form of support or treatment you may be receiving from a medical professional.