Postpartum Depression During Lockdown

While having a baby at any time presents challenges, having a baby during lockdown comes with its own particular stresses and strains. You may feel much more isolated and much more anxious than you would have under normal circumstances -- which are already challenging. You may be attending appointments alone or online, or not have your support network around you, or you may be finding it difficult to make new parent friends in your area.

If you are struggling more now than before, you are not alone. Over three quarters of moms say they have felt scared or anxious at some point during their pregnancy because of COVID-19 restrictions and a similar proportion say it has interfered with things like being able to attend parent and baby groups or having their partner attend scans. Almost 4 in 10 mothers also say they hear difficult news at a pregnancy or maternity healthcare appointment without having a loved one there to support them.

It’s not surprising that rates of depression in new mothers are increasing as COVID-19 restrictions continue.

If you are a mother who has struggled during this time, remember you’re not alone, and you will get through this, one day at a time. There are many mothers going through what you’re going through. Many support groups have moved online, and it is worth checking with your local hospital or doctor’s office, or searching on Facebook for online parenting groups.

It’s okay to be fully honest with yourself and others about how difficult this time is, and how you are feeling. In fact, it’s really important to acknowledge your feelings in order to start addressing them. Looking after your mental health by using therapeutic techniques, such as those you’ll learn in the Canopie app, may also help.