Postpartum Depression in Men/Fathers

Postpartum depression is common in men and partners, even though there is very little awareness around it. One study found that 10 percent of men worldwide showed signs of depression from the first trimester of their wife's pregnancy through six months after the child was born. That’s more than twice the rate of depression we usually see in men.

Fathers can be more at risk if their partner is depressed, they are under 25, or they are a first time dad. In fact between 24% and 50% of men who have partners with postpartum depression will also struggle.

While there are many similarities to postpartum depression in women, symptoms can be a little different in men and can include:

  • Arguing with their partner

  • Feeling uncertain or confused about the future

  • Withdrawal from normal situations such as work, social situations or family life

  • Indecisiveness

  • Being irritable or angry

  • Violence towards their partner

  • Negative parenting behaviours

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs

  • Insomnia

If you are a new dad who is struggling, you are not alone, and you can find help. You may find techniques in the Canopie app around communication and feeling like yourself that will help you, too, or anything else that resonates. Remember - it is normal to struggle, but that does not mean we don’t need some help to get through it.