Postpartum Depression Symptoms

Some signs you might be experiencing postpartum depression are:

  • If you feel low or tearful most of the time

  • If you feel irritable or angry towards your family, your baby and yourself

  • You are extremely tired - obviously new motherhood can be tiring but postpartum depression can make it even more extreme

  • You feel like you have lost your enjoyment or interest in doing things, including things that you used to enjoy

  • You have difficulty falling asleep despite feeling tired or you wake up early in the morning even when the baby is asleep

  • You feel like you have lost your appetite, or you are eating more to make yourself feel better

  • You have negative thoughts and feelings of guilt and feel negatively about yourself e.g. that you are a bad mother

  • You find it difficult to understand the needs of your baby

  • You feel less love towards the baby then you hoped

  • Caring for the baby feels joyless or you feel angry and resentful towards the baby

The Canopie program was designed to help ease these symptoms, but it won’t work for everyone. We encourage you to consult your doctor if you’re feeling low for a prolonged period or are worried about how you’re feeling. Even if your doctor doesn’t ask you how you’re doing proactively, once you raise how you are feeling, they will be able to give you some options about what to try if you’re not feeling better. There are also emergency resources in the app that you can link to immediately if you need help right away.