Pregnancy Sadness or Antenatal Depression Symptoms

Signs of pregnancy sadness or depression include:

  • If you feel low or tearful most of the time

  • If you feel irritable or angry towards your family, your baby and yourself

  • You are extremely tired - pregnancy can make us feel tired, but depression can make it even harder to muster the energy to do things

  • You find it difficult to concentrate and to make decisions

  • You feel like you have lost your enjoyment or interest in doing things, including things that you used to enjoy

  • You have difficulty falling asleep despite feeling tired, or you wake up early in the morning

  • You feel like you have lost your appetite, or you are eating more to make yourself feel better

  • You have negative thoughts and feelings of guilt and feel negatively about yourself e.g. that you are or will be a bad mother

  • You are thinking about harming yourself or suicide

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is critical to reach out for help. Depression during pregnancy increases your risk of having postpartum depression, and may have longer term effects on both you and your baby.